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Accessible and Affordable Transportation Table

Promote inclusive, accessible, & affordable transportation for Albertans with disabilities through advocacy and education.
"Transportation for all"
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City of Calgary

Transportation Opportunities Award

The collaborative initiative "Shared and Accessible Pathways" between Bike Calgary, AAN Transportation table and the City of Calgary ACA Committee was awarded the City of Calgary Transportation Opportunities Award for 2021.

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Accessible Driver Appreciation Week 2023

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Accessible Driver Appreciation Week 2022

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Accessible Driver Appreciation Week 2022 Toolkit

Alberta Ability Network (AAN) and Voice of Albertans with Disabilities (VAD) are celebrating Accessible Driver Appreciation Week again this year from November 6 to 12, 2022, and we invite you to join us in celebrating the amazing work that accessible drivers and schedulers do, making it possible for many to play, live and work in the community.

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Calgary Civic Elections
We reached out to mayoral and council candidates in Calgary with two issues:

1. Funding for Low Income Transit Pass
2. Enhanced funding for snow and ice clearing and removal on sidewalks and curb cuts that impede access for persons with disabilities. 

Scroll through the document to the right to see the answers that we received from candidates running for mayor and council.

Safe and Accessible Pathways

Bill C-81: Accessible Canada Act

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Safe and Accessible Pathways - Invitation

As summer arrives and pathways are again bustling with Calgarians enjoying the opportunity to get outside, the safety of everyone using the pathways is critical.  With many different wheeled devices travelling quickly, interactions with pedestrians can be threatening, especially where disabilities exist that may not be evident to others. Disabilities range from vision challenges, deaf and hard of hearing to users with earbuds restricting their hearing.

Suggested social media posts:

Join us for an educational and informational webinar with panel speakers on “Safe and Accessible Pathways” as part of the National AccessAbility Awareness Week #NAAW2021 #NAAW

Join the discussion on “Safe and Accessible Pathways”, to explore ways in which we can make our pathways enjoyable, safe and fun for all. #NAAW2021 #NAAW​

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Accessible Driver Appreciation Week 2021


Any documents or tools contained within the toolkit are available to everyone to use to spread the word about Accessible Driver Appreciation Week! Click on the Toolkit or the links below to access the documents:



Proclamation Sample

News Release Sample

Thank You cards

Social media posting samples


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