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Human Rights Table

Promote equal opportunities for Albertans with disabilities through advocacy and education.
"Human rights for all"
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Barrier-free Alberta Initiative

A commitment from the NDP and Alberta Party

Barrier-free Alberta Initiative

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Image description: A gray outline of Canada with Alberta Blacked out, there are green check marks on all the provinces except Alberta and Prince Edward Island, which have red exes on them. 

Across the territories is a yellow speech bubble that reads Barrier-Free Ab in 2023! Below the map black text reads only 2 provinces left… Will Alberta be the last province to create accessibility legislation?

There are three sections with corresponding icons below that. The leftmost reads one quarter of Albertans live with disabilities, which is roughly the population of Edmonton, the icon is an outline of four people on a circle. The middle reads Albertans with disabilities are more likely to live in isolation, this has only increased during the pandemic, with an icon of an outlined person in an ovular bubble. The rightmost reads 644,640 people with disabilities who don’t work but could in an inclusive labour market, with an icon of two people wearing ties knocking on a brick wall. A black banner across the bottom contains the hashtag BarrierFree23 and contact us at The logos for Cerebral Palsy Alberta and Alberta Ability Network are on the sides.

Barrier-free Alberta

Barrier-free Alberta initiative emerged from the Alberta Ability Network Human Rights table (formerly Calgary Ability Network). We have one main purpose – to encourage the Government of Alberta to enact strong and effective accessibility legislation that will ensure every Albertan living with a disability has the opportunity to participate in all aspects of a complete and meaningful life.

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Alberta Provincial Election Social Media Campaign
In preparation for the upcoming election we are starting a social media campaign shortly, and emailing all of the candidates, Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), and all-party leaders a version of the poster on the left hand side. Image descriptions are below each of the posters.


How Can You Help?

  • Please share our social media posts when you see them: check out our social media links at the bottom of this newsletter to make sure you follow us.

  • Share with your friends and ask them to sign the supporter link.

  • Most importantly, talk to the candidates running in your area and make sure they know you support and are looking for Accessibility Legislation in Alberta!

Alberta-bility Webinar (2020)

Bill C-81: Accessible Canada Act

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In the spring of 2020, a coalition between the Calgary Ability Network, Voice of Albertans with Disabilities, and the Alberta Human Rights Commission launched an Accessibility Legislation Advisory Group (ALAG) to determine the best path forward to advance the concept of Alberta having it’s own accessibility legislation. This document, and its larger companion, are the groundwork of that project. On August 21, 2020, the ALAG will be hosting an expert panel webinar to discuss the merits of a potential made in Alberta Accessible Alberta Act.

​What is Bill C-81?

The purpose of Bill C-81 is to make Canada barrier-free in areas under federal jurisdiction.
The bill outlines how to identify and remove accessibility barriers and prevent new barriers, under federal rule, including in:

  • built environments (buildings and public spaces);

  • employment (job opportunities and employment policies and practices);

  • information and communication technologies (digital content and technologies used to access it);

  • procurement of goods and services;

  • delivering programs and services; and

  • transportation (by air as well as by rail, ferry and bus carriers that operate across a provincial or international border).

Click here to read Bill C-81.​
Click here for a Plain Language Summary of Bill C-81.

Accessibility Acts Canada

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005)

Accessibility for Manitobans Act ​(2013)​

Nova Scotia Accessibility Act (2017)

Accessible British Columbia Act (2021)

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